Australias Biggest Property Management Conference

PMC Competitions

Have you heard about the PMC competitions? This year we will be running the annual BDM Championship and the Tribunal Competition. Differentiate yourself and your business by impressing the judges and competing.

BDM Competition

The BDM competition is being run on the morning of Day 2 in the Business Development breakout room.

Finalists in the BDM competition are all given a property to research and then have to pitch their business to one of our judges, who plays the role of property investor.

'What does the competition look like?

Step 1: Apply – there's a couple of quick questions to answer.

Step 2: It’s a mystery – and yes, that’s a clue

Step 3: Be named a finalist & celebrate like it’s 1999

Step 4: Receive a detailed case study and bring your A Game on Monday 12th November to compete live at PMC18.

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Tribunal Competition

Do you have what it takes to win a mock trial? Join us in the annual tribunal competition and present your case in front of a mock courtroom.

It will be landlords vs. tenants and we will provide you with the necessary case studies beforehand. Gather a team, register your interest and let's get competing!

Step 1: Register your interest using the survey below

Step 2: Wait for finalists to be announced based on survey submissions

Step 3: Finalists will be announced on November 2nd

Step 4: Read and review the trial case study *we will send this to you prior to PMC Step 4 Bring your A-Game on the day! Good Luck

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Download Case Study #1 Download Case Study #2 How the competition works

How do I enter?

Once you register for PMC 18 you will receive a link that you can use to apply to be part of the competition. You will be asked to make a submission and we will use those submissions to select finalists.

Finalists will be notified two weeks before the conference.